The ©opyright Circle:

Advice and guidance for the Information & Cultural Heritage Industries

Copyright is crucial in the information industries where creativity and its management are crucial. Authors and publishers need to protect their rights and libraries, archives, museums and galleries need to be able to provide access to copyright material in a managed way that respects the owners' rights but enables users to access information in its broadest sense. For the heritage industires establishing what can and cannot be used in various contexts is essential for their commercial activities as well as enabling the public to utilize the material legally.

Graham Cornish, working under the label "©opyright Circle", offers advice and guidance on most aspects of copyright law and its implications. Graham has worked in copyright since 1983, firstly at the British Library and subsequently as an independent consultant. His book Copyright; interpreting the law for libraries, archives and information services is a standard work in the field and is now in its 6th. revised edition. Graham offers advice to a wide range of people and organisations in the field including:
He also writes articles for magazines, journals and blogs and contributes to books and other media on information.

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